Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

Library of Congress sought feedback on it’s recommended file format specifications:

Some useful tips on capturing and documenting what you need when extracting files from disk images but necessarily keeping them (via Google Groups Digital Curation).

Big DPC landmark is in the offing…

Backups can be found in unexpected places…

Jerry McDonough on the context, collaboration and integration required to move from information preservation to genuine knowledge preservation (from last year’s Fall CNI). Don’t watch if dinner is a long time away.

Ange Albertini’s overview of file format abuse (chapter 6) is aimed at the security community but provides an example ridden run through of format based preservation challenges. This is the lovely introduction:

“First, you must realize that a file has no intrinsic meaning. The meaning of a file—its type, its validity, its contents—can be different for each parser or interpreter. Like beef cuts, which vary with the country’s standards by which the animal is cut, a file is subject to interpretations of the standard. The beauty of standards is that there are so many interpretations to choose from! Because these standards are sometimes unclear, incomplete, or difficult to understand, a variety of abuses are possible, even if the files are considered valid by individual parsers.”


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