Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

Wow, it was a busy week in #digitalpreservation! This weeks news is a little longer than usual….

A growing collection of profiles of cloud storage offered by different vendors, put together by AVPreserve:

Pretty concise run through of video preservation guidance from the no-nonsense @dericed and our members the Tate:

Some thoughts both ways on JBIG2, but easier to digest if you have more German language skills than I have:

Software Sustainability Institute’s collaboration workshop and hack event spilled over quite a lot into the twitter airwaves. There are detailed notes here from James Baker…

…and Torsten Reimer sums up the main themes of the three days:

..and this is also interesting news from the @SoftwareSaved folks:

The BL has begun to publish some detailed file format assessments, which I had a hand in putting together. More exciting formats will follow!

Preservation planning. What actually is it, and how do you do it? Lots of interaction in this top webinar from ULCC folks Steph and Ed (DPC members only):

The Long decade of Digital Preservation in the Czech Republic:

Pretty significant change to DROID/PRONOM workings proposed (also on the DROID front, the latest sig update):

And Richard Lehane released v1.0 of his PRONOM based file format identification tool. Admire the retro homepage and drag and drop anvil identifier here.

Interesting to note the popularity of preservation focused projects in Jisc’s recent Data Spring, including….

…in light of recent funding and structural changes at Jisc and the move towards a more service oriented setup, explored here:

The DP Question and Answer site continues to gradually build a wealth of useful information:

Nice web archive use case:

And a digital preservation fail from the music world. Death in Vegas (think opening music to Lost in Translation, as Bill Murray rubs his eyes and stares up at the neon lights of Tokyo) lost 2 years of new music:

I missed this event, but the massive twitter stream and detailed notes suggested an excellent conference from our friends at Pararchive Leeds:

Top DP tech job with the BL:

I absolutely love the title of this conference, more of this please! Nice logo too \m/

New version of the JP2 validation/QA tool, Jpylyzer:

Last year we heard JHOVE was dying, but OPF took on the maintenance job this year and here’s the latest news:

Don’t miss the iPRES deadline:

The National Videogame Archive seems to have petered out, but the acronym stealing National Videogame Arcade has been launched this week:

And I’ll end with a Lynchism and a Mistyism:


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