Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

I’m a bit late this week, due to UK bank holidays and other time consuming things, so I’ll start with a rather behind the times piece, that received the now customary #nodigitaldarkage mutterings across twitter:

DP training for Congress:

Lots of conference goings on this week, not least of which was the IIPC meeting. [cough] Did anyone mention Google Code I wonder?

[Bites hand]

Then everything went emulation crazy:

This is exciting if you’re from the US:

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more geeky:

Then the world briefly got giddy about emulation and software preservation (kind of). Woohoo! 


But of course this is just a red herring and the emulation behemoth charges onwards:

Back to IIPC, and it’s impossible to feature all the news, so it’s worth checking out Tom Cramer’s excellent general assembly redux, and some quick points from that Andy Jackson:


DPC held a briefing day on personal digital archiving, where I sat in a chair almost as fancy as that one in the Red Keep:

Fortunately there were no photos. More importantly, here’s a recap of the actual content:

In other conference news, the IMLS folks were talking about national infrastructure for digital preservation. Would love to see a write up:

And of course there are good examples of the national approach already:

UNESCO talked digital preservation and a software archive seemed to be one of the more tangible topics:

And a catch up on a talk from Brewster at CNI:

Some good practice guidance on spreadsheets from a couple of different sources:


Data from the KB on their top 50 file formats. No surprises but good to see some more data on this topic:

Just in case you’ve not had the opportunity to shake your head at this yet:

More head shaking required:

Here’s some good news to cheer you up:

So long and thanks for all the websites


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