Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

The latest issue of IJDC is coming together and it’s great to see the elusive concept of designated communities getting some more attention, following last years Nestor work.

Not a million miles away is this blog post on web archiving use cases:

Digital preservation organisation seeks new home, one careful owner:

Very nice:

And note:

AVpreserve with another new tool on the way:

Detailed blog post about recovering data from Beeb disks:

Lots of buzz around the iiif at the moment. Check this simple demo here:

Always interesting to get the funder perspective on stewardship projects:

Coverage of the Launch of the Flinders Computer Archaeology Lab mentions that it will also “be home to the Australasian Heritage Software project, a publicly-compiled and accessible database of the history of Australian and New Zealand software, which currently holds information of nearly 2,000 titles of locally written software, including source code where possible”. I hope they’re already thinking about connecting up with the power of the rapidly advancing emulation stuff I highlighted last week.

Minor release for JHOVE: “Introduce ability to suppress MD5 calculation by file type” says the release notes:

Not a huge amount new here, but brings together a lot of stuff about the role of librarians with respect to surveillance and privacy:

So apparently there was an election here in the UK, and the progressives didn’t get in. Might not be massively helpful with this sort of thing (or indeed very much on the science/culture/preservation front):

There was a lot of interesting twitter activity from a seminar on e records management from the Scottish Parliament, and I suspect a fair bit of excitement about the place given the election result:

…and I couldn’t possibly blog this weeks news without including this tweet:

More on Vint Cerf’s answer to the (no) digital dark age, this time from the Jackson. A touch spicy, but appears to be on the money. The community communication issue continues to infuriate me….

And a little more on the great stuff from IIPC, just in case you didn’t read about it last week. Nice blog post Jefferson:

And I’ll finish with a quote about not necessarily practising what we preach. We do have a bad track record with project work, although the solution does not require rocket surgery, as I have blogged before:

Game over man, game over


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