Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

I’ll kick things off this week with a must read from DPC favourite Jim Boulton:

Ed Pinsent tackled an area of growing concern – moving from EDRMS to TDR (slides only):

Missed this first time around:

…and this is the point:

A run down on recent work from the IIPC Preservation Working Group:

Archiving 2015 happened, but I didn’t really catch many highlights on twitter. What was good?

…I did see Educopia talking up the community thing (+1):

Cashola for the BL sound folks:

The needs of small organisations don’t get sufficient consideration from the preservation community, so this is a timely reminder of the Digital POWRR Project (which I was proud to make a small contribution to):


More TIFF tool development from Yvonne:

And some more detail on the VeraPDF/Preforma work I reported on recently:

Always a popular topic:

Archiving shovelware CDs from Jason Scott…

…seems to contrast sharply with the other end of the digital preservation spectrum:

Come on folks, DP Q&A needs some input here:

It turns out Bin Laden was building a RI network…

…and for once we were happy not to have full disclosure. Assuming you believe the man.

Us DPCers were book sprinting, with a significantly revised version of the very popular DPC handbook racing towards completion:

The latest from Rosenthal:

A little more on the UK gov ODF choice, mentioned here in recent weeks:

A new release of DPMonline, and changes included:

  • “A comment feature to enable collaborators to share ideas and feedback when co-writing plans
  • Improved workflow and guidance to assist users to sign in with their institutional credentials
  • Proposals for internationalisation
  • Deployment guidance
  • Minor bug fixes”

Lots of geek jokes doing the rounds this week. This was my fave:

And here’s a penultimate thought:

And *yes*:

Safe journey, space fans… wherever you are.


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