Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

Great Huff Post interview with one of our most interesting DPC members:

This is excellent to see…

…but I wonder if the array of secret trade deals being negotiated will impact on the progress made? According to the EFF (my emphasis): “We covered this deal following leaked draft texts earlier this summer and late last year. What those leaks revealed was a whole host of provisions that could undermine the privacy of users, preempt moves towards stronger net neutrality standards, ban countries from mandating the use of free and open source software, and bring about clumsy anti-spam rules that are ripe for abuse. On top that, the countries negotiating TISA have agreed to keep the text of this agreement classified for five years after it enters into force—even one year longer than the TPP.”

…And there’s an EFF rant on copyright and TPP:

…I suspect this would shake up the situation somewhat:

Epubcheck tool goes to version 4:

Andy has updated his web content rot chart, from his last IIPC presentation. Can I table a motion to replace any presentation slides that feature the OAIS diagram with this, from now on?

…more from UK Web Archve, although this is clearly just showing off:

Good run through of the issues around software preservation, emulation and those frustrating legal issues from David Rosenthal:

…can’t disagree with Dragan, but who is doing this in the UK? Look out for a new blog post from me about this, later this week:

The TIFF leg of the Preforma project has it’s first tool release, and the first TIFF/A community meeting is tomorrow:

And more on the A/V strand from Preforma, this looks very useful:


Isn’t it lovely when it just works as it should:

And to recycle some Douglas Adams that I already corrupted in a previous DP NEWS: so long and thanks for all the websites, Helen! Best of luck in your new gig:


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