Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

After a few interuptions I’m finally back with 3 weeks of news, albeit I’m sure with a few omissions this time round. And to add to take things back even further here’s a great talk I had meant to include in DP News 025:

I’m not convinced this is going to solve my mailbox issues (and believe me I do have them) but I expect this to be a big growth area over the next few years…

Siegfried file format id tool is still being developed at pace…

Something to chip in to for US folks:

So the DPC finally has a twitter account, and you can use it to follow the adventures of this motley crew:

There was a lot of mis-information about the Happy Birthday ruling. This is one of the better pieces…

…on this side of the pond, there was an event on the 29th on orphan works with a lively twitter stream that’s worth checking out including nuggets of practical experience such as:

More on changes at the top at the Library of Congress…

…and the Jason Scott take:

Quite a bit happened on the secret trade deal front…

…and it’s not nice:

A quick plug for what the DPC does:

Yet another example of the easiest thing to get wrong when you set up a new project website (i.e setting up a new project website):

Big news in the DP vendor market:

…and more analysis here:

Wait, what’s that sound?

Oh oh. It’s a conference on the #(no)digitaldarkage! (actually Andy was referencing something else, but no matter, the digital dark age klaxon is an indiscriminate beast):

Actually this has a fantastic line up, but why is this (as good as) clashing with the iPRES conference? It’s not like the calendar is packed with digital preservation events, surely a little bit of awareness and coordination is possible? #rantover

There’s some good digital dark age wordery here, but there is something a little more serious behind it:

The BL file format assessments are still growing nicely:

On the subject of file formats, some lively comment from Duff Johnson…

…created a bit of a reaction from other DP folks:

Some views on the eternal TIFF v JP2 debate. I’ll let Johan do the commentary:

To wrap things up, I can announce that #digitalpreservation finally has an official anthem:

All together now:
Incorrect disc for-mat.
It’s an incorrect disc for-mat….


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