Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

In case you missed it, my last DP News was all about that conference in North Carolina…

After last week’s iPRES2015 special, it’s back to normal, with some news from the week and a few non-iPRES highlights to catch up on. Speaking of which, Rosenthal on emulation has to be a must read right? Well it seems to be the most RT’d tweet tagged with an #ipres2015 hastag, despite not really having anything to do with the conference itself:

If Rosenthal remains essential opinion piece reading, van der Knijff always comes up with the essential “done it, this is what I learnt” reading. Here’s the latest from the KB’s DP bunker on ripping and (challenges with) validating disc images:

Also see:

And some more essential reading:

Yale shared their requirements for a new digital preservation system:

PDF continues to evolve and here’s some early thoughts on PDF/R:

In the meanwhile, the complexity of PDF (or perhaps the complexity of what we use it for) can cause problems. Obviously some caution is required when applying redaction:

Jisc is seeking partners for its shared service for research data management:

Which put’s them back in stage 5:

And as we know, there are a lot of tricky challenges:

Things are moving:

Development of the final chapters in a brand new version of the DPC’s popular Digital Preservation Handbook continues apace. Although DPC folks seem to be taking this book sprint a bit too literally. That’s a genuine v1.0 DPC Handbook that the Kilbride is clutching.

…yes I’m last, but I’m just pacing myself ready for the final straight, ok?

Interesting to see the areas of coverage still needed in WARC, and (hopefully) seeing the format develop based on this discussion of best practice:

On fixity:

Yes, nice one:

Forbes delved into web archiving coverage:

…Andy Jackson provided the response…

…and on the flip side, this article appeared to be massively popular with DP tweeps, for the very reason Kara describes:

More secret trade deal / IPR doom and gloom:

Loving these videos from the McGath. Must find time to add some Coptr links:

Those crazy young people with their hackathons:

Research Councils review hit the streets. There must have been some good opinion pieces on this, but I’ve clearly missed them. I’ll sort something for next time:

As I’ve hinted before on this blog, the digital preservation community is changing:

Like, you mean, a metadata strimmer?


Lots of audit sillies this week. You lot should really think about concentrating on work a bit more, you know….

Might have had one of those LOLs at this one:

There are of course alternatives, although I hear this sets the bar even higher than ISO16363:

And here’s a final thought:

Tis better to have archived and lost everything

Than never to have tried to do it in the first place


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