Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?


Lets start with a new version of the veraPDF software which validates PDFs for you:

…and don’t forget:

Exactly what Charles says:

Excellent work from “Copyright for Knowledge”:

Knowledge Exchange report on software sustainability:

The Archives Unleashed hackathon looked fantastic…

…and there’s a great meta twitter blogged (nice) write up here:

#DPC ran “Standing on the digits of giants…” and I’d recommend checking out the tweets if you missed it. Lots of interesting titbits like this….

…and this:

Another great event coming up, so much on at the moment (and I didn’t even mention code4lib)!

Full proceedings are available with individual papers, not just in one horrible bundled PDF. Thanks iPRES!

New blog post from Sara Thompson on social media preservation:

Potentially massive news for digital preservation as a major OS gets built in fixity checking, repair and other cool stuff, on as default. Lets hope the licensing issues don’t get in the way:

I always shake my first like this when I make progress:

Highly unusual case of government funding being cut (without negotiation) due to research data not being open enough. Unfortunately looks more like an excuse for cutting funding than the dawning of a new age…

Here’s an equation for you:

Excellent media piece on digital preservation from our DPC President. God bless the DP of C:


PASIG came to european shores at the end of the week and it was a good show:

I was thinking of meta-blogging it, but Dave Askey has already proper-blogged it, so check this out:

Here’s a final thought, with some good discussion if you follow the tweet:

I love you, BYEEEEEEE


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