Roughly weekly news and opinions from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Head of Research and Practice, Paul Wheatley. Opinions are the opinions of Paul and those featured. Not the DPC. They’re just opinions, ok?

Let’s start with a statement from the Keeper’s Registry, following the last meeting of this group and the wind up of current Jisc funded project funded work. This collaboration should continue ok as a loose network of the keepers themselves but I hope it gets the proper support it deserves from the rest of the community as this stuff is *important*:

Catch up on videos from Breaking Boundaries:

All the Jisc RDM stuff in one place, nice:

One for the diary:

Solid write up of self audit at UNT, with reference to some of the issues caught by the audit:

Here’s the first of a trio of great blog posts on the OPF site, the first delving into some file format ID performance issues…

…the second is an awesome look behind the scenes of a week in the life of David Clipsham, file format magic(ian) extraordinaire, with reference to another excellent post from Jen Mitcham and contributions from others.

…and the last is best summed up by the Owens:

The latest news leak on EU copyright reform, highlighting the current options and reaction from movers and shakers on twitter:

Great read on malware perservation, don’t miss this:

This is pretty nasty stuff…

…so it’s a good time to give a bump to the Doc Liberation folks who are gradually working through many of the format challenges created by file interoperability issues / vendor divergence of the past:

Wowzers, glad I got in early there. Good to have the old iPRES show back in Europe:

The Digital Preservation Awards are upon us, and the judges have been hard at work short listing….

…here’s what we came up with for the first award…

…the remaining shortlists will be out this week.

And on the DPC tip, we have a new webinar programme kicking off shortly for members:

A few final thoughts, and yes this is a biggie:

Nice feedback:

And with this mundane mention by the pointy haired boss, the term “big data” is now officially dead, yes?



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